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The Rise of Smart Phones and Custom Apps

in App, Mobile on March 3, 2022

1994 – What Was The First Smartphone?

The first smartphone, created by IBM, was invented in 1992 and released for purchase in 1994. It was called the Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). While not very compact and sleek, the device still featured several elements that became staples to every smartphone that followed.

2001- Cellphones Meet the Internet

It wasn’t until the year 2000 that the smartphone was connected with an actual 3G network. In other words, a mobile communications standard was built to allow portable electronic devices access to the Internet wirelessly.

2004 – Facebook and Gmail is launched

Well, it all starts on April 1, 2004 when Gmail came out with their popular emailing, messaging and downloading their MOBILE APPS. Worth noting that Facebook also came out that same year and Twitter only 2 years later in 2006.

2007- Enter Steve Jobs

One of the most influential years for smartphone evolution was 2007. It was the year that Steve Jobs and his team at Macworld revealed the very first iPhone. Not only was this the sleekest touch screen device to hit the market, it was also the first device that offered a full, un-watered down version of the internet. The very first iPhone gave consumers the ability to browse the web just as they would on a desktop computer.

Without both GooglePlay (Android) and Apple’s App Store we would not all be here today.

From there on the rapid transition from Web1 static HTML websites to Dynamic CRM Web2 websites was unstoppable.

Those who did not jump on converting their Web2 site into a custom Mobile App and tap into this growing marketing opportunity like Amazon and Ebay were left behind forever.

The same scenario for Web2 and Web3 is currently happening.

These companies are all billion $ unicorns and decacorns.

These are the popular apps that billions of users enjoy on a daily basis:

  • UBER

To name but a few ….

If you believe that there is no more room to create a Billion Dollar Mobile App you are very mistaken.

The best of Mobile Apps growth is yet to come.

The graph below clearly states the huge market growth for Mobile Apps, and why they are so important for business.

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