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Source Codes/PHP Scripts/Wordpress Theme/App Templates

Are you looking for more work and a new marketplace for your App or Agency to stand out and earn more money?

You’ve come to the right place.

There are 1000’s of custom apps getting built each day, launched on GooglePlay/AppStore and resold on the secondary marketplace. 

  • Sign in as a vendor *individual or company
  • Select your package *Basic / Premium or Platinum
  • We recommend boosting your App or Agency on our Featured Apps / Agency Page for maximum exposure and leads
  • Describe your APP for sale with as much text, images and videos 
  • Share your APP and Agency links on your social media pages 
  • Give as much information on your app, source codes, the solution and problem it resolves
  • Explain which is the target market and what the APP actually does 
  • You must share your USP, its ROI and Business Plan in a few lines  


  • Yes

Can I sell only the Source Codes?

  • Yes you can, SIGN UP and start making money today.
  • Partial built apps will not be allowed only fully tested and ready to be licensed and deployed immediately, same for App and WP Themes, Plugins.
  • All buyers and sellers who enters into a contract via  CUSTOM.APP are legally liable for their own purchase and products.  

Will I be charged a commission for selling my APP on CUSTOM.APP?

  • No, we only charge a monthly payment to list your source codes on our marketplace.

Can I buy an App and Resell for more money and re-list immediately on the marketplace?

  • Yes you can, App Flipping like Domain Flipping or Website Flipping is permitted. Don’t be greedy it might not sell and become outdated.

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